• Spend your 4th of July Hoilday grilling up some delicious Shirmp Tacos with Watermelon Salsa!
  • From gym to work to wherever - try out this Triplet Braid Pony!

    Hair Tutorial: Triplet Braid Pony

    Work-to-gym-to-wherever. Rock this Triplet Braid Pony to your next POUND class! Amber Bruehl breaks down the steps in this hair tutorial! #howto #ontheblog #standout #hair

Let Me See Ya Grill… Shrimp Tacos + Watermelon Salsa

Spend your 4th of July Hoilday grilling up some delicious Shirmp Tacos with Watermelon Salsa!

What better way to celebrate the USA’s b-day than in the backyard with the best people, laughing and making memories over the GRILL? (The answer is NOTHING). Grilling with friends is probably one of our favorite activities during the summer and it all starts on July 4th!

In LA, instead of hot dogs stands, we have fruit stands. They fill a huge plastic bag with watermelon, mango, cucumber, melon and jicama and they top it off with chili powder and lime juice. It’s delicious and it inspired our 4th of July Tacos this year!
Grab these simple ingredients and whip up a taco fest that will outshine the fireworks!


Summer Rooftop Series: Groov3 + POUND

We partnered up with our friend, Groov3 founder, Ben Allen for his Summer Rooftop Series! Check out our favorite memories.

We had a blast setting the BEAT to the Groov3 Dance Party at the Summer Rooftop Series! We had never been to the Montalban Rooftop in Hollywood — in fact, we actually didn’t know it existed before Ben invited us to bring some NOISE to his event! Nestled right in the heart of Hollywood and high above the city, the Montalban rooftop, which is actually an awesome basketball court, got a serious show.

The night started with some sweet sips from Zico Coconut Water with the slammin’ sounds of DJ Ivy on the decks, and we quickly jumped into a full Groov3 class led by dance-badass and Groov3 creator, Ben Allen! We used this time wisely and Groov3d before our POUND class to warm up 😉

We hit the stage, just as the sun was setting, which made it absolutely magical! We had some familiar faces in the crowd, but it was especially rad that most of Ben’s Groov3 Posse had never tried POUND…. and they KILLED it! At the end of the night, we left with new friends, great memories, and the biggest smiles on our faces. Thank you, Ben, for bringing POUND into the mix! (more…)

What We Order: Starbucks

What we order: Starbucks.Coffee cravings? Substitute your afternoon coffee with an iced green tea, a cool lime refresher with half black tea or sub almond or coconut milk for regular. #balancedeats #coffeecravings  

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Yummy Red Hot Chili Peppers!

Someone once told us that every color of the rainbow should be represented on your plate, so that’s what we set out to do when we concocted this Red Hot Chilli Peppers recipe. Make an entire batch and enjoy them all week (or share them with your friends!). (more…)

Tour To Summer Winner: Marni Hallett

Marni Hallett Tour5

Marni Hallet set out to make a real change during Tour To Summer. She set these goals: to lose a few pounds, gain strength, tone up and gain definition, increase flexibility, gain confidence, and improve her endurance and motivation to succeed. Those are not small goals – she set her sights high and she committed.

“It was a very harsh winter for me, both physically and mentally. I tried my hardest to keep up with exercising and making healthy decisions, but in the end I felt like I let myself go. I felt out of shape, was unmotivated and started to fall into depression. I bought the POUND Rockout Results System after my Aunt recommended it to me. Unfortunately, it sat there for about a month, barely used due to pure laziness… until my aunt told me about Tour to Summer. THAT’S when I decided I needed to make a change immediately and this was how I was going to do it.” And do it, she did.

Marni Hallett is the winner of our First Annual Tour to Summer!

You may also know her as @thefashionistabarista! We’re so proud of the accomplishments Marni has made through the last 60 days — and blown away by her transformation inside and out. What helped her succeed? “Everything from the B.A.L.A.N.C.E.D. guide, fitness/workout journal, and the incredibly fun workouts was enough to help me accomplish these goals! However, I think what helped me most of all was the use of social networks to connect with the Pound Posse and Kirsten and Cristina. I always do better with a team when it comes to working out, and this Tour group was special. I’ve never felt so motivated to succeed! I have made so many friends along the way while smashing through every single one of my goals and improving more than I ever thought I could.” (more…)

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