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The POUND Effect: Charlene Ward

Charlene's amazing journey

Sometimes, instead of taking the letter and reformatting it for our blog, it’s appropriate (with the permission of the author) to just simply copy and paste.

A love letter to POUND…

I never understood people who were passionate about exercising. You know those people who find joy and solace in running; pushing themselves to a point where endorphins take them 26.2 miles. I didn’t understand… until I discovered POUND.

Having been heavy most of my life I have tried different forms of exercise over the years. When I was a freshman in high school I joined our Cross Country team. I joined because there was a boy who I thought was cute on the team. The uniform they issued me barely fit (can you say camel toe?!) and while running that first day, I swallowed a May fly. I never went back. Eating a bug trumped cute boy.

I’ve owned a lot of exercise equipment… some I can’t even remember but they all quickly became a place to hang my clothes. I’d start something and soon get bored or frustrated and stop. (more…)

Week 8: Do It YOUR Way

T2S - K and C -MapIt’s officially week eight! Can you believe it?!

We’re so proud of your incredible progress so far! Your check-ins show us that you’ve found your sound. You’re ROCKING harder than ever, learning and experimenting with new food combinations, and making new friends and goals along the way. Frank Sinatra “faced it all, and stood tall, and did it MY way” — just like we are.

When we created POUND, we were searching for something that didn’t exist for us. Something that would motivate us, encourage balance and ultimately help us evolve into healthier and happier human beings. Instead of swearing off certain foods or activities, or trying diet after diet, we decided to try different things until something felt right. The thing we love most about POUND is that it meets you where you are and allows you to pick and choose what works best for you – because your success matters most. So far, you’ve learned an approach to food that is balance, whole, tasty and attainable. You committed to honoring your body and giving it the time it needs every day. You dug deep to stay motivated and inspired throughout your journey. For this, you should be very proud! (more…)

Wake Up! Here Comes the Sun Smoothie

Ditch your morning coffee routine and give this new Here Comes The Sun Smoothie a try!Ditch your morning coffee habit and get your caffeine boost in a new way! Give this green tea smoothie a shot. The pear’s nutrient-rich skin and the green tea’s natural stimulants will give you the energy boost you need to start your day off right! (more…)

Tuesday Tweak: Green Submarine Sandwich

This Green Submarine is TO DIE FOR.

A little blackbird told us that the Beatles were big fans of sandwiches — just like all of us! But between the deli lunch meat piled high, slices of delicious cheese, and, of course, condiments, sandwiches can quickly turn into a not-so-healthy lunch option.

We’re tweaking the famous foursome’s favorite food with our Green Submarine! We grabbed some sourdough wheat bread and piled it high with our favorite veggies and our signature Green Goodness aioli. Veggies may not seem like the most exciting center for a sandwich — but these greens add crunchy texture and an amazing taste to this sub. Best of all, it won’t throw off all your good decision making and fits into your (A) Activate lunch slot. (more…)

Week 7: POUND Across The Pond

We all need a little help from our friends!

We’re all about making noise.

It’s just common sense: 4 Ripstix are louder than 2. POUND with friends is louder, it’s a team, it’s accountability, it’s a community.

We drum away the walls we put up and we become vulnerable with each other because POUND is our safe place. We make friends and connections because we’re all part of the band. We push ourselves to the brink of exhaustion and reach goals that, at first, seemed impossible.

We’re seven weeks into Tour and stronger than ever.


Healthy Snacks for Late Night Cravings

Sovle your late night cravings with these healthy snacks! When it comes to balanced eating, you’ve got it DOWN to a science! You’re boosting your morning, prepping lunches, and exercising portion control at dinner. You’ve cut that coffee habit in half to only one cup a day and you’re choosing healthy snacks at your desk. But each night, you come home after a loooong day and you might think, “how much harm could it do?” while you reach for your guilty pleasure.

A few handfuls of this and a few handfuls of that can actually harm your progress significantly. Indulging in unhealthy snacks late at night can derail an entire day of good decision-making. It’s easy to fall into the habit of just a bite of a cookie here or a few chips there… but those sweet treats pack a serious calorie-filled punch and send your blood sugar into the next galaxy, confusing your body and giving it plenty of glucose to STORE while you snooze! Noooo sir.

We’re not saying that you can’t have a late night snack — but we are still stickin’ by our favorite philosophy — BALANCE — and giving you a couple healthier options. (more…)

ROCK & RECOVER: 3 Ways To Recover After A POUND Class

ROCK AND RECOVER - 3 things to do after your POUND workout!

Rock and ROLL!

With POUND, there’s no getting past being sore. It comes with the territory, right? When you’re ROCKING as much as you are, you need to be ROLLING too! :)

Whether you have a roller or need to borrow one from the gym, find some time to roll out a few times a week. After your workout, your muscles tighten up. Foam rolling is like a deep-tissue massage. Rollers help release tension points, loosen your muscles and help them return to their relaxed, elastic state — ready and raring to go for your next workout. You can grab one from Amazon or any sports store. (more…)

A Mother’s Day POUND Effect: Penny Sorensen

POUND - Mother's Day Blog-14

There’s something so magical about a mother/daughter relationship. A few weeks ago, we received one of the most beautiful messages to ever come through our inbox. Now, we could sit here and write a normal POUND Effect blog about this incredible story — but we believe this daughter’s words so strongly say what only a daughter could say about her mother. Meet 24-year-old Miranda Tillinghast from Ephrata, Pennsylvania… and her mother, Penny.

First Facebook Message from Miranda (April 17, 2015 / 4:25pm)

I just wanted to reach out to you guys because there’s someone you really should know about that has been 100% POUND since the moment she had two Ripstix in her hands. She became a mother at a young age, raising a little girl as a single parent with no money saved and no college education. She decided to make a DECISION to go to school to become a paralegal and provide for her daughter, the only family she had, to help her be able to do things she had never been able to do as a child.

From this, she started her journey towards achieving her dream of living a healthy lifestyle by eating the right things and working out. Her heart knew that helping others find this same joy was what she wanted to do, not office work. Therefore, she DECIDED she wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. She started by teaching classes and helping others lose weight in churches and parks outside for free, then began doing classes at a few recreational centers in small towns… then she really committed.

DECIDING to leave her job as a paralegal, she took the risk to fulfill her dream as a trainer and teacher. She has now owned her own gym for TWO YEARS. Her cliental has only been expanding since her first day because everyone realizes how encouraging and helpful she truly is as a person and trainer. She offers POUND almost every single day where she fills her classes to almost 40 people a day — because not only does POUND ROCK, BUT SHE ROCKS. I thought from your recent inspirational blog about decision making, that her decision (now POUND encouraged) has shown true courage and could inspire women and men, everywhere. This woman is my mother. And she deserves a POUND applause!  (more…)

Tuesday Tweak: Shrimp And Grits

Give yourself a little RESPECT when you come home -- with this Shrimp and Grits Tuesday Tweak!Happy Tuesday POUND Posse!

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a TUESDAY TWEAK, so you better believe we’re bringing you one of our best recipes yet! This week, we’re inspired by the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin! What many of you might not know is that she was also the Queen of Soul Food!

We took Aretha’s famous Shrimp and Grits recipe and tweaked it for you guys! Our love affair with Shrimp and Grits actually started late in life, about a year ago to be exact. On the way to the airport in Chicago, we stopped at a little restaurant called Handlebar and had one of the most memorable meals of our lives! We knew it was tweak-worthy, but had no idea how deliciously comforting and tasty it could be.

Like all comfort food, traditional Shrimp and Grits is loaded with the good stuff — butter, oil and cheese! To tweak this special recipe, we replaced the butter with clarified butter (ghee) and knixed the cheese completely. Now, instead of loading up on almost 800 calories per serving, you’re looking at closer to 400! Now THAT’s something the Queen of Soul (and all of us!) can R-E-S-P-E-C-T! (more…)

Week 5: Takin’ Time In Tennessee

We're takin some time in Tennessee! There's still time to join #POUNDtour! Get on the bus with us! :)

Good Morning POUND Posse!

Week 5 is here! This week we’re takin’ our time in Tennessee and honoring the one and only Queen of SOUL, Aretha Franklin. Aretha was a true badass and the first female artist to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She didn’t like to play by the rules — and neither do we! We launched Tour To Summer so you can create your own rules and make history. You are paving the way to your own future, creating healthy habits, and blowing us away with your incredible spirit!

So in HONOR and R.E.S.P.E.C.T. for YOU, we’ve filled this week up with a ton of surprises! (more…)

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