• Your fall prescription is already in your kitchen! Relieve stress, rehydrate, get a healthy boost, and fight off sickness with these smoothies!

    Fall “Cure All” Smoothies

    We live in a world where the medicine cabinet is our go-to at the first sign of sickness. What you might not realize is that the cure may already be in your kitchen! Here are four smoothies that will target fall’s infamous “symptoms”. You know them all too well: Stress, Energy, Dehydration and Sickness.

  • From gym to work to wherever - try out this Triplet Braid Pony!

    Hair Tutorial: Triplet Braid Pony

    Work-to-gym-to-wherever. Rock this Triplet Braid Pony to your next POUND class! Amber Bruehl breaks down the steps in this hair tutorial! #howto #ontheblog #standout #hair

Fall “Cure All” Smoothies

Your fall prescription is already in your kitchen! Relieve stress, rehydrate, get a healthy boost, and fight off sickness with these smoothies!

We live in a world where the medicine cabinet is our go-to at the first sign of sickness. What you might not realize is that the cure may already be in your kitchen!

Here are four smoothies that will target fall’s infamous “symptoms”.  You know them all too well: Stress, Energy, Dehydration and Sickness. We have a cure for all four:

  • Load up on our seratonin-boosting Carrot Top smoothie to relieve stress on your most insane days.
  • Had a little too much wine last night? Too many hours on a plane? Soak up our hydrating Mango Tango smoothie and feel immediate gratifi-hydration.
  • Throat feeling funny? Got the sniffles? Blend up our I Wanna Get Better smoothie and let its detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients work their magic.
  • 3PM Slump? Not you! Our Got-A-Lotta Energy smoothie has your back. Each ingredient hands over instant energy and a metabolism boost to match.


Banana Rock Poppers

Craving a late night snack? We've got just the thing! Banana Rock Poppers!

… And then your stomach grumbles for something sweet while you’re watching The Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon and enjoying a glass of red wine.

We’ve been there (last night) — and such an occasion calls for a healthy late-night goodie that’s easy to snack on and that satisfies your sweet tooth. (more…)

Food Apps to Snack On

Justins snack-4

We travel. A LOT. (But you know this already.) If there’s one thing we come head to head with on EVERY trip, it’s FOOD. Sometimes we have enough time to spend an hour googling all of the city’s secret foodie spots. Most times, we don’t. :) Luckily, there are 3 food apps that we’re app-sessed with that help us find local snack hacks no matter where we are!

So, in the spirit of the “vacation month” (August), we’ve whipped up a quick snack hack app list so you never go anywhere on an empty stomach — and only one of them requires prep! (more…)

Brussel Sprouts & Mushroom Hash

Kickstart your weekend with this Brussel sprout hash! Trust us, it's worth getting out of bed for on a Saturday morning.It’s Sunday morning, which means you’re still lying in bed reading this on your phone in an effort to spend just a few more minutes under the covers. You had a long week and you deserve it. You know what else you deserve? A bomb breakfast that will get this weekend party started!

Don’t scoff at us. We know brussel sprouts have a bad rep, but they are trending like a hipster holding a can of PBR. But unlike PBR, brussel sprouts are rich in nutrients and an amazing source of vitamin C and K… (sorta like a daily dose of us!) 😉 They’re low in fat and sodium but a great source of fiber and potassium! Oh yeah, and they actually taste AH-MAZING.

We just gave you 4 reasons to jump out of bed (reading this definitely gave you at least 3 extra minutes!), grab some sprouts, mushrooms, onions and eggs and start the last day of your weekend right! (more…)

20 Questions with Paydin Layne

Gettin' real with Master Pro Paydin Layne!

1. What’s your coffee order?

Decaf hazelnut coffee w/ a little stevia and milk!

2. If you could only eat ONE food for the rest of your life… what would it be?

Cantaloupe! Good for you and sweet!

3. Give us three words that people use to describe your class?

Therapeutic, Entertaining, and Challenging!

4. Tell us the best advice you’ve ever received.

It’s simple but I always have to remind myself to RISE ABOVE IT!

5. Three songs currently on repeat?

I can’t stop listening to:


Ass Pass: Skis


You know the drill! Every hour. On the hour.

To setup, stand up straight and take your right leg back, keeping your hips squared forward. Bend both knees and make sure your left knee is not coming over your toe. You there? Good.

Now, strike your right Ripstick in front then propel your right knee up and jump, striking at the top. Repeat 20 times then switch legs. Hit a set or 2 every hour, on the hour and expect a “WOAH” from your tush tomorrow morning! (more…)

The POUND Effect: Sweat Sisters

Learn how these sisters strengthened their bond with POUND!

The bond between siblings is unexplainable. It’s intense, it’s emotional and it’s everlasting. And let’s be honest, though they may get on each others nerves, a good sister supports the other and stands by their side no matter what.

Meet Kelly and Kim: 12 years difference in age, but never closer.

These sisters do it all. Kim, 41, has worked as a certified dental assistant for 17 years and has two boys, Corben (12) and Caleb (8), with her husband Chris. Kelly, 29, works for a financial company and has a 10 ½ month old son, Hunter with her husband Steven. (more…)

DIY ROCKER TEE: In 7 Simple Steps

Create your very own POUND Rocker Tee with our DIY Tutorial!

We love that POUND is a workout that meets you where you are. It welcomes everyone and elicits personal growth and individual style. To us, our clothes are an extension of our personalities and because of that, we love rebelling from everyday workout gear and spicing things up at the gym.

We also have a work-with-what-you-have attitude when it comes to almost anything. That’s why we’re giving you the low-down on our DIY Rocker Tees. Go rummage through your local thrift store, grab a POUND Tee in our shop, or hit the mall! We picked up this Rolling Stones distressed tee at Forever 21 for only 12 bucks! (more…)

Summer Bucket List: 5 Favorite Outdoor Activities

Check out our Top 5 Favorite Outdoor ActivitiesSummer is in FULL FORCE and we are taking every. single. opportunity we have to hang out in the great outdoors! It seems like summer passes us by in the blink of an eye (yes! even in CA!) so we check off out Summer Bucket List to make sure we’re outside and getting our Vitamin D when we aren’t traveling all over the place meeting our incredible POUND Posse!

We’re really lucky to live in LA where there are a TON of public, summer activities — but most of our favorite activities happen in every city during the warm months! A lot of times, these kinds of events are posted in your local coffee shop, on a community bulletin board, or in the local newspaper. Do some research and find your city’s special events!

Summer Bucket List: Top 5 Outdoor Activities

1. Picnic in the Park:

You can have a picnic A-N-Y-W-H-E-R-E! We love cooking up a colorful lunch, putting it in a basket, grabbing a mexican blanket, and finding a new patch of green grass to just go chill! Packing a picnic is a great break during a long hike (preferably at the waterfall), at the beach, or just at your local park! Here are some easy recipes to pack up and share: Spring Salad in a jar, veggies and homemade hummus, and some cool fruit-cubes to jazz up your H20!

2. Free Music Festivals

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 10.44.02 AM

Every Thursday night, Santa Monica puts on free show on the pier. We love checking out the new bands and listening to good music as we watch the sun set. Hop online to find free concerts in your city and go check them out! Bring some old friends and meet some new ones.
*Photo By Twilight Concerts

3. Movies In The Park

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 10.46.50 AM

Summer in LA is incomplete without movies in the park! Whether they’re screened at a public park, a school, or the cemetery (it’s not as creepy as it sounds), time stops when you’re enjoying a movie outdoors with 400 of your friends and neighbors (our favorite is Christmas in July when they screen Elf in the park and everyone comes with Santa Hats!) Search for free movie screenings around town or hold one of your own! All you need is a big white wall, a projector, and a warm blanket!
*Photo by Cinespia

4. Farmer’s Markets

Swiss Chard at the Farmer's Market!

If you can’t already tell by how much we rave about them, Farmer’s Markets are one of our favorite activities year round. Spending a Saturday or Sunday morning waking up early, picking your fresh seasonal produce for the week, meeting and making friends with local farmers, and trying all the samples we leisurely stroll by each booth is (believe it or not) one of the most relaxing, chill parts of our week. At the Farmer’s Market, we aren’t rushed to get anywhere or overwhelmed by aisles and aisles stuffed with processed foods. We enjoy learning, seeing beautiful vegetables, and knowing exactly where (and who) our food is coming from. In case you aren’t familiar with your local Farmer’s Market – here’s our How-To Guide :)

5. Road Trip… Anywhere.

road trip-3

Explore beyond your surroundings. 9 times out of 10 when we have a free weekend, we just google the top 10 things to do in (fill in the city) and we take a day trip.. just to explore! This has landed us anywhere from 100-300 miles away exploring cities like Santa Barbara, Ojai, San Clemete, and Angelus Oaks. Is there a city near you that you’ve always wanted to explore? Get in the car and GO THERE.



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